Book Your Inspection Today!

Follow the prompts to schedule your home inspection and to check my availability. (If online scheduling is unavailable, you can call or text me at 720-999-6388, email me at, or fill out my contact form.)

Inspections typically last between 2-4 hours, depending on the size, age, and condition of the property.

Pricing is based on the finished square footage and age of the property.

The option to choose Radon testing and Sewer Scope is available when choosing add-on services. Radon testing is highly recommended here in Colorado, and a sewer scope is an easy and inexpensive way to save money on plumbing services down the line.

After scheduling your inspection, you will receive an email confirming that I received your inspection request. Once it is confirmed in my software, you will receive a second email confirming the inspection date, time, and address. Also in this email will be a link to inspection agreement(s), and another link where you can make your inspection payment online.

Please note that I require the inspection agreement(s) to be signed up front as well as payment received or your inspection is subject to cancellation. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!